Eisiga LTD is one of the largest certified companies in the field of sewing in Lithuania.

About us

Eisiga Ltd. was established in 1992 y., and it is one of the largest certified companies in sewing industry in Lithuania, we successfully cooperating and developing our activities not only in Lithuania, but also abroad.

Eisiga Ltd. currently has 100 employees, industrial work area occupies 3200 m².

We upgrading our production facilities where working specialists well familiar with their work. In production, we use modern technology’s, which allows us to produce high-quality products.

For many years, we cooperating with various European companies, producing high-quality products.

We sew from our or from the customer’s materials. It is constantly updated production technology. We are improving quality management system in accordance with best global practices.

Our advantage – high quality work in all the processes of production, to which pays great attention.

The goal and vision – to be the leading company in generating high quality and convenient products not only in Lithuania, but also outside it.

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