Eisiga LTD is one of the largest certified companies in the field of sewing in Lithuania.


Eisiga LTD

Adress: Vilniaus g. 82, Eišiškės, LT-17169 Šalčininkų r., The Republic of Lithuania

Working time: I-V 07.30-16.15, dinner: 11.00-11.45

Shared contacts:

Contact number: +370 380 56408

Fax: +370 380 57292

E-mail: info@eisiga.lt

General director: Rišard Počobut.

Contact number: +370 612 65006

E-mail: info@eisiga.lt

Director of commerce: Stanislav Valiukevič.

Contact number:  +370 612 65007

E-mail: info@eisiga.lt

Production director: Regina Kuliešienė.

Contact number: +370 612 65003

E-mail: eisiga.fabric@gmail.com

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